Monster At Midnight
Age of Learning 2016

Scarlett the Cat to the Rescue: Fire Hero
By Nancy Loewen
Picture Window Books 2014

No Dogs Allowed
By Linda Ashman
Sterling Publishing 2011

Ashman (Come to the Castle!) lets Sorra do most of the storytelling—the text is all but superfluous—in this fantasy about a cafe owner plagued by his pet-owning customers. Sorra’s digital artwork combines a warm, painterly quality with clear, easy-to-decode visual information. Sad-eyed Albert, the cafe owner, is ready for business in a white shirt and natty bow tie, but he’s obsessed with keeping his cafe free from unusual creatures, and he changes his sign accordingly: “No one with fur allowed,” he scrawls hurriedly after a girl appears with a large kangaroo. What Albert doesn’t see is the party unfolding by the fountain in the square, as his rejected customers congregate there instead. A magician performs, the pets make friends, and ice cream is served. Sorra (King o’ the Cats) captures the city’s sophistication, as well as the contrast between the smartly dressed children and their wacky pets—an armadillo, an iguana, an elephant. Elegant storytelling fun comes with the extra satisfaction that derives from having to use visual clues to figure out what’s happened. Ages 3-8. (Aug.)
— Publishers Weekly

Groundhog Weather School
By Joan Holub
G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2009

The amusing illustrations, colorful paintings digitally collaged with found objects and papers, set the tone for this inviting introduction to groundhogs and the holiday named for them.
— Booklist
... Sorra’s illustrations combine a scrapbook style, with letters, checklists and typed research reports, and a comic-book style complete with speech bubbles and panels. The result really lets readers get into the premise and allows for diverse facts to be presented in little snippets (and funny comments to be assigned to each unique groundhog). Bright colors, textures and the incorporation of found objects, as well as the busyness of each page will keep readers searching the artwork...
— Kirkus Reviews

disabilities covers all.jpg

Friends With Disabilities Series:
My Friend Has Down Syndrome
My Friend Has ADHD
My Friend Has Autism
My Friend Has Dyslexia

By Amanda Doering Tourville
Capstone Publishing, 2009

Beach Day!
By Anahid Hamparian
Two Lions, 2013