Drawing Fairy

I've failed to post enough about the inspiration my daughter gives me each and every day. She's a drawing fiend, and creative, fearless wonder. She leaves creations behind like drops of water from wet fingertips. Yesterday, after I made dinner, she left behind this wonderful, large scale cut-out of a character from her favorite series of toys by Nat Geo called "Animal Jam."


SCBWI Children's Illustrators Group Show/Westchester, NY Chapter

I'm back from blog slumber to announce a children's illustrators group show for the month of September. It takes place in Tarrytown, NY, a wonderful town you need to see, in a great little coffee shop called Muddy Waters Cafe, and features SCBWI members from Westchester, NY's illustration community. Please see our postcard below for all the deets. I'm showing two pieces, one of which is featured below. The best part about enjoying an illustration show is enjoying an illustration show with coffee, or even tea, or whatever warms your belly. Hope you can make it!


 "The Clearing" is one of my pieces being shown at the group show.

Downtime Marks

Between jobs I'm often exploring new tools, digital or traditional. I look to infuse life into my work by exploring shapes, techniques, and drawing differently. I try to find ways to be more courageous with what I put out there. How can I bring more odd angles, shapes, and design into my portfolio without confusing the client? Sometimes this process causes creative chaos inside me, but it's a way to break the bland, repetitive nature of a self-imposed style.

Doodle Bugs.jpg
Girl Sketch.jpg