Superhero Prep Work: Highlights 2012

It is always a big treat to be a part of the Annual Highlights Illustrators' Party. Going requires a bit of prep work, like making costumes for the selected theme, and updating portfolios. This year the theme was Superheroes, and this time, Highlights decided to compile a sketchbook based on our chosen characters.
It meant a bit of drawing and conceptualizing our ideas on paper using a template they provided for us. I called my superhero Queen of Diamonds (impossible strength), my daughter was to be Queen of Hearts (power to melt hearts), and my sister, Queen of Clubs (luck was her power). Together we made "Three of a Kind!" Dah dum dum.
On paper, it was a challenge to do, especially because time was short and I happened to be swamped with regular deadlines, but the project was fun.  The compilation was an amusing look into the creative minds of other fellow Highlights Illustrators.