Sketchbook Project Cover

Normally I leave the cover for last, but this time, since I decided that my chosen theme, "The View from Up Here," will record events around my growing baby bump, I started drawing (cutting and pasting) the first obvious thing to me.  Can't really explain the bright yellow, pasted in giant hands, but in a way it effectively calls attention to the belly.  I do have a love for fashion illustration so I incorporated a bit of that into the piece.  I can't say this book will be consistent with what I normally do, but that's the fun of sketchbooks, creating unexpected things and whatever suits my mood to draw, think, create. I plan on recording a series of events or "non-events" surrounding this very confusing, exciting, crazy and hormonal time.  This year has seen many changes and I hope to sketch all that stuff in as well.  More to come!