Change is Good

As you can see it's been a busy summer.  Can you tell by the Christmas-themed image?

Not that you would know since I haven't posted a lick all season.  But trust me, busy busy as a bee I have been.  Went through a major move from my home of ten and a half years (!!) to a bustling town closer to NYC.   I'm still unloading some things, constantly rearranging and organizing, and it goes a lot slower when you're carrying a load yourself.  

Yes, that's right, I'm sporting a new baby bump (don't know what kind of load you were thinking)!  As of today I'm a week shy of seven months along and due right around Christmastime.  Here's an illustration I did for Amscan a bit ago to commemorate what I've been guessed it, Christmas shopping.  It's a bit different from what I normally do, but what's fun about Amscan is creating art in styles that aren't always your own, keeping things interesting.  Still I do like to put my own stamp on new styles.