A Panel about Blogging and a Nostalgic Visit

Pratt Institute's Career Services hosted a panel on “Blogging as Branding,” and I had the privilege of being a part of this two hour presentation which included a feature on this very blog, as well as an opportunity to be back on Pratt's campus since wearing my cap and gown.

Attendance was high and the panelists included a broad range of disciplines from Architecture to Fashion, Illustration to Industrial Design. Aside from myself, panelists included Emily Baltz, editor and contributor of Core 77, a blog originally started by two Pratt I.D. students in 1995, Richard Sarrach from Pratt's own Architecture faculty and co-founder of core.form-ula, Chei Wei, also a Pratt a alum and Architecture faculty for his blog cwwang.com, Nathan Hartswick for blog.asgoodandbetter.com, and fashion designer, Eric Gaskins, for emperorsoldclothes.blogspot.com.

Each had his and her own view and purpose about "Why a blog?" and "What's next?"  I discussed its marketing potential and ways in which clients can see my creative process. Others use it as a way to voice their opinions in their respective industries as well as a forum for students to find an outlet of resources. In general, I believe we put ourselves out there in the the blog-o-sphere because in some sense, it's a way to challenge ourselves to grow, and in the process, be open to feedback, positive or negative.  As far as what the future holds, time can only tell where this format can lead with the lightning fast pace that is information technology.  I hope to continue to interest and enthrall consistent, quality content.

A really big thrill for me was a chance to tour the campus for the first time in many years. It's changed considerably since I graduated, particularly in its landscape of beautiful sculptures and brick pathways. I had a slice of pizza at the P.I. Shop, my old hangout, which looked shiny and new and even served Starbucks coffee.  I was a bit envious of the students and their precious time there.  I only remember it fondly.  It was a nostalgic rush which I hope to revisit again soon. Thank you to Pratt's Career Services for the opportunity and privilege!