Life After Black Exhibit/Sketchbooks of Barron Storey

Unfortunately, today is the last day to see the exhibit Life After Black: The Visual Journals of Barron Storey at the Society of Illustrators in New York. Barron Storey is a master illustrator and brilliant art educator. If you had a chance to go see it, you're one of the lucky ones. If you just found this write-up today and are in the NYC area, run and go see it!

I happened to be attending the exhibit the same day my husband was on the opposite coast attending the San Diego Comic Con where he spoke to Barron in person, who said, "there's not going to be any other show (of his work) like it." I found it to be an overwhelming experience of one man's unabashed, unedited, courageous display of his inner thoughts and brilliant sketches contained in volumes and volumes (2 floors!) of sketchbooks (over 140 books), each filled with beautiful compositions of drawing and text, complete with loose pages.

His influence in the world of modern illustration resonates with at least 2 generations of illustrators working today. As a student, I was one of those influenced, and to some degree, still am to this day. One can't help be but inspired if not by his drawing but his ability to create profound, detailed and complex weaving of pictures and text in a most beautiful poetic way, or by his uncensored look at the business of illustration and storytelling and the thoughts and questions surrounding it.
I'm an artist trying to make sense of what I saw in words, and honestly, it's not my strong suit. It was simply overwhelming. But I've posted some pictures, a taste of what I experienced here, so perhaps if you've never heard of the man, then go explore his work. You're bound to find something in it that will make you think differently about approaching a blank page.