Horror Inspired

My husband and I took a recent day trip to New Paltz, NY where we visited the Mohonk Mountain Resort and made a day of hiking, canoeing and eating a gourmet buffet. The resort is gorgeous and...unusual. There's a mystical appeal about the place, haunting and enchanting. The views of New York and beyond are breathtaking. The architecture of the hotel is a Victorian marvel, like something out of the old west, with it's rickety floors, wrap-around porches and Spanish-tiled clay roofs. And it's enormous.

So word is Stephen King was inspired by the hotel to write "The Shining." One can see why it's easy to speculate this little tidbit. While we sat in one of the lounges, I came across a wonderful, little, framed illustration on the wall by none other than Edward Gorey. This hotel inspires some great artists of the macabre and it inspired me to want to return again.