Florida SuperCon Interview!

Video courtesy of Comigirl.com

I had the pleasure of being a guest at the South Florida SuperCon, thanks to an invitation given to my husband by the guys that run the show. I've attended many conventions before, and this one sticks out because of the fabulous Florida backdrop, the friendly guys that run the show, the lovely accommodations, an appearance by Bruce Campbell, and Comigirl. Yes, that's right, Comigirl is a comic book fan that reports about comics from the female perspective! I had the pleasure of meeting her by way of my husband, and it turns out she's done some research on me and decided to do a "quick" (because it's a relative term here) little interview for her site. I'm a bit shy about posting this, because let's face it, who doesn't cringe when they watch themselves on video. Comigirl runs a great site, so if you're big into the genre, her's is a nice place to stop. Enjoy!