Pretty Princess

Galison makes wonderfully designed paper products that you'd want to display in your home, pieces of art, if you will. So when I got a call from Galison's art director for an illustration assignment, I was thrilled!

I was told the product was for their Mudpuppy block puzzle line, specifically made for 2-3 year olds, so I quickly hopped onto their site, clicked on the product, and noticed that great illustrators and classic characters like Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak, and Curious George, respectively were represented.
Then, when the art director told me I was to illustrate princesses of different times and places, I was doubly excited to take on the job! It took me back to the time I was three, drawing princesses with skirts.

I'm pleased to show you one of the pieces here (there are 6 total), a classic 1950's princess, her lovely skirt, appropriately large and poofy. It won't be on the market until June 1, 2010, but I couldn't wait that long to share even a taste, plus the art director was kind enough to let me!