Slowly But Surely

My painting studio is slowly coming together, much slower than anticipated. February has proven to be a month for distractions and paperwork (with tax season in full swing). But with each visit I bring another book, a chair, a couple table legs, and lots of material to get ideas flowing. Of course, and not soon enough, I finally have internet. As a matter of fact, this is my first entry here.

My dog hangs out with me too, so he and I can enjoy walks by the creek. He has a nervous energy that makes him a little uneasy with the building's old creaky sounds, the blazing gas heater above, and the door slams by the new neighbors or maintenance guy. And while I have wonderfully large windows, they sit a bit too high from the floor, which makes him too short to observe his favorite past time, looking out the window watching passers by.

So we're both adjusting after working from home for a good while. But despite some of the changes, I know it'll be a very exciting adventure.