An award for me? Thanks!

I had the honor and pleasure of receiving the Kreativ Blogger award from Angela Matteson, a fellow talented artist. Thank you, Angela, for the sweet mention. The rules go something like this--I'm supposed to list six things that I love or make me happy (same thing right?) and six additional blogs that I feel merit this award. So here goes:

Here's what makes me happy:
1. My hubby
2. My doggy
3. Sunny days
4. French fries
5. Trips to Paris
6. Movies (my latest faves are the Thin Man movies...gotta love Myrna Loy).

Here are a few blogs, my newest discoveries, worth not just a peak, but a loooong perusal:
1. Maura Cluthe
2. Colleen Coover
3. Marci Senders
4. Happy Doodle Land
5. Tamsin Ainslie
6. Claire Robertson

That's all folks!