New York Comiccon!

You could say I fell into comics by way of my husband, but over the years I grew to appreciate the medium, the people, and the industry like aged wine. We started out with a digital comic book coloring studio in the mid-nineties, and now I had just attended my umpteenth convention as supporter of my husband's rapidly growing comic fan base. I do color here and there, recently a few covers for Marvel Comics, but I love to be a part of the collective of professionals that attend these conventions, trading experiences and techniques, sharing ideas or yuckin' it up with the bevy of jokesters, and there are many to be had!

Aside from business, most conventions mean reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones, pretty impressive talents at that. Despite being big talents, they're just really nice people.

(Image by my one and only, Dennis Calero, for his current X Men Noir Series)