Happy New Year!!

I know, I'm only 8 days late, but you know the saying (insert sarcasm here). One can either interpret this entry as a bad start to the New Year, as in too much egg nog and chocolate over the celebration who wants to start working anyway because freelancing is practically like being retired, or that I'm so gosh darn busy I can't keep my &@$# straight.

Well, it's a little bit of both. I didn't do much of anything during the holidays, in terms of being creative. In fact, I let my brain hibernate for a while (a week). But there were consequences to that... short term memory loss, forgetting clients' names, forgetting how to draw, not blogging in time to greet everyone Happy New Year.

And yet, I was assigned a slew of new work just before the New Year even started, almost miraculously. I consider myself pretty lucky that I can keep up this lifestyle, and that's why when someone wishes me a "...Very Happy and Prosperous New Year," I'm much obliged.

And so I wish the same for you.