Old Pieces, New Inspiration

Old desk and fresh inspiration board

Now that the basement's finished, and my husband's moved his workspace out of the spare bedroom, I've got a whole new room to do with what I want. So in came the wonderfully old and wooden drafting table that was given to me by my dear friends, plus, a consignment shop find that hides an older Singer cast iron for a proper and permanent spot for my sewing machine.

Inside this old table is a 1950's cast iron Singer, above it, a 15 year old Bernina

The first order of business in my new, extended studio space was a sewing project. I'm loving all the funky plush out in the market, especially all the odd characters and the use of unpredictable materials, so I just had to make some of my own. As a warm-up, I've started with the first lesson in a book called Softies and then improvised from there. The result is this unusual bunny, complete with fuzzy tale and...cloven feet? Don't ask me what it's all about, but then that's the fun of it. Now that I've got a fabulous new space to enjoy, you can expect that I'll be making many more I-don't-know-whats in the near future, and I would bet, more inspired paintings, too.

Funny bunny