Mid-September Ramblings

Mama Mouse's Birthday © High Five Magazine

Noticed any cobwebs on my blog? Been a while since my last entry. Maybe I'm just sad that summer's close to an end. September is more than halfway over and the nighttime temperatures are dropping. Thankfully, middays are still sunny and warm. Anyway, next weekend I'll be going to the Annual Highlights Illustrator's Party. I used to read their magazines as a kid and leaf through drawing submissions done by real kids, impressed by the skills of other 8 year olds. This year, I had the opportunity to do work for High Five, Highlights' new imprint which caters to a much younger audience. Because of it, I was invited, among their many other illustrators who have contributed to their publications, to the Highlights Ranch in Honesdale, PA. Didn't know such a thing existed did ya'? Neither did I, so I'm very curious to see what it's about and meet all the other illustrators!