Simple Drawings and Photoshop

I love to draw. I always love to go to museums that explore the stages behind the finished painting, the energy of the artist's first ideas before she makes the commitment in oils. Photoshop allows me to explore that energy and realize it in color. Granted, it may not be as lush in color, texture or detail. You don't get that buttery quality that makes you want to reach past that velvet rope and touch it. But you can bring it to life in an instant using digital colors and textures of your own design. You can move the picture around until you get the result you want or at least close to what you want in a matter of minutes. If you build in more time, as with any painting, the result is a rich, lively image.

Above, I created simple drawings and brought them to life in Photoshop for a surface pattern that retains the original spontaneity of the original drawing.