Don't Stand So Close to Me

Today is one of those really hot days when you can crack an egg on the sidewalk and watch it fry. It's one of those days where you start sweating with one foot out of an air-conditioned room. It'll be one of those days I'll reminisce about and say, "I remember when we saw The Police in concert. It was a really hot day."

Thankfully, we'll be inside most of the night watching The Police in concert. We'll be going to Madison Square Garden, sitting second row, to witness a long-awaited comeback tour. I was always a fan, but my husband is the biggest fan I know. I actually knew a girl in junior high school who I thought was their biggest fan, until I met my husband. He paid a pretty penny to be up close and personal. And though I am still trying to recover from sticker shock, I must admit, I've never been this close in any concert and I'm really looking forward to seeing the sweat on Sting's face while we dance in the air-conditioned stadium.

It's one of those really hot days, just don't stand so close to me. Sticky.