My Mac is Back!

Exciting news, folks...I've been reinducted into the world of Mac after being a year long PC user. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the capabilities of Vista on a sweet, souped up duo core laptop, but it does have its limitations. The newer generation of desktop Macs, the Mac Pro, with even sweeter quad core processors, make Photoshop and every other desktop publishing program a dream to run. How did I become a PC user at all you ask? Well, my husband and I are two working illustrators with an addiction to speedy computers who found a need to save (let's face it, PC's are cheaper) and simplify by limiting our platform to one. So once my slow, old mac became more obsolete, we became strictly PC. But, soon enough, I suffered from a bit of separation anxiety and needed a dose of Mac. Plus, my husband needed yet another computer (a 3rd), so he suggested he take over the very nice laptop while I get the Mac of my dreams (and after a few grunts and sighs and 'I want a Mac' tantrums). Isn't that sweet? Mac Pro Quad Core (just 6 little gigs of Ram)... iPhone schmiefone!