It's July already

It's the day after the 4th and 3 days after the second most important day, my birthday (for those of you who are bad at math and need to make a note for next year, that's July 2). Anyway, just checking in to say hi because it's been a month already since my last entry. I bought myself a couple Bernina sewing machines from good 'ol Ebay--the regular kind and a serger. They make sewing fun, and they better because they are quite expensive. I got a Macy's gift certificate, some delicious Asian candies and dried mangos, cool art prints and stationery, a mix tape (well, cd, always a fun gift), a pendant and necklace and my husband took a few of us out to see Avenue Q. Very funny show! A good birthday so far and the week's not over yet.

I'm now 7 months into freelancing and it's been good. I'm in the midst of 4 deadlines, all for very different projects. Basically I'm working on ballerinas, beach creatures, jungle animals and Santa Claus. I was most excited to get my first ballerina figurine back from the scupt vendor in Asia. I hope it's ok to post it, but here it is anyway. I can't resist. Until they tell me to take it down it is here for me to be proud of and show it off. I'm sure, once I do more of these, it'll start to become old hat. But for now, I jump up and down and say, hey look, cool huh!?