The Ballet

(View of the orchestra pit, Lincoln Center)
I love the internet.

I spent most of Friday doing research for one of my projects designing ballet themed gift products. I was searching Google images and Getty Images for ballerinas in plies, en pointe, arabesques and in tutus. I got them all.

Then, my husband and I decided we wanted to spend an evening in the city to see a show. So we searched the internet for the usual: a couple comedy clubs and Broadway shows, weighing our options. I suggested the ballet. I had a hankering to see a ballet. Lincoln Center had a performance of La Bayadere at 8pm that same evening. We sprang for front row seats, the only way to go.

We bought our tickets, had a delicious meal at the Brooklyn Diner (where I discovered some pretty terrific guacamole) and headed to Lincoln Center. What a fantastic treat! The ballet was beautiful, the dancers, exquisite. I could do an all out review of the show, but Iā€™m not an expert. I just had a hankering.